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Every company wants to see themselves in the leading position of their industry.

We help companies embrace the digital transformation with our proven agile methodologies.

We excel in areas of Business Intelligence & Analytics, web & mobile development, automation, and system's integration.

Our team of specialists consistently delivers outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience. We can help you build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your business users and customers by engaging them with more efficient business data and improved processes.

Isolated processes that are independently scalable. This ensures ease of development and reduces risk of overall failure.
Custom Development
Tailored applications built exclusively for the needs of your business, including Angular, React, SAPUI5 Fiori, Node Js, Python, MSSQL, MySQL, SAP HANA
Automated Testing
Independently run tasks minimizing manual intervention while running unit testing. Frameworks such as Puppetter are very helpful in this area.
Our experts can help you learn and manage self-service Reporting & Visualization tools so that you can control and learn from your own data.
Bots are software applications that run automated tasks on the web such as downloading social media data, running analytic data models, and preparing it for future use.
User Security Settings
Data access and system sensitivity is something we take very serious. Ensuring compliance is part of our daily routine, performing successful audits and lowering risk of unauthorized access.
Email Alerting
Email alerting provides an effective connection with your IT and support teams, by providing automated email alerts on any process failures.
Global Filters
These tools allow ease of navigation and increase of productivity via customized user settings and filters.

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Success Stories

Enterprise Software Development leveraging in-memory platform providing real time analytics on Sustainment and Production Line metrics. Inventory availability has been proactively tracked and allocated to affected locations minimizing ground time of aircraft. SAP HANA 2 XSA Evaluation and migration plan.

S/4 HANA 1909 Custom Fiori applications tracking order status, work to be done by workers and extending SAP's standard applications.
Architecture and Implementation of custom software system for business Production, Planning and Scheduling. The system includes work areas from master data, inventory, logistics, product movement and one-click reporting. Initial ROI was reflected within the first quarter of production use.

Designed, developed, and extended existing REST APIs for the demand planning and promotions Angular application. Collaborating on the migration plan of HANA 1 to HANA 2 web application for Account's Planner.
Designed and developed framework for cross business cross boundry consumption of Enterprise data via REST APIs, and integration with 3rd party API manager. The REST APIs are consumed by internal and external consumers providing a unified dataset to be leveraged by its consumers on marketing, advertising and business process improvements.

Analyzed and improved REST API performance on due to outdated XSJS $ libraries. Lead group of XS developers to best practices and set up guidelines for best results in XS development and deployments. Developed a new API between the main data hub and the TireHub APIs integration.
Multi-phase upgrade of software system from legacy ERP and geospatial system into In-memory near Real-Time platform, web services, and web applications. Geo-spatial system was utlized to find the closest retail store for the consumer.
Implemented an analytical web application that Quality lab inspectors used to anlayze complex chemical models and entered analysis data during their daily job process. Elimination of several excel file templates (and other paper trails), quick information into the business from the lab and analysis of data in near real-time fashion was rapidly adopted by other departments.
Designed and developed cloud mobile web application for service repairs. The application was based on orders under warranties. The system includeded a chat conversation and order status reports. Business process improvement resulted in faster resource allocation and increase of revenue for the company while lowering cost of operation.
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Microservices in SAP HANA XSA

What you will learn:

  • Know the definition and architecture of cloud foundry and its application on SAP HANA XSA
  • Understand REST principles and different HTTP methods
  • Explore microservices (Node.js) development
  • Database interaction from Node (executing SQL statements and stored procedures)
  • Sample application deploying to AWS

Custom Fiori Apps in SAP HANA XSA

What you will learn:

  • Know the 5 Fiori design principles
  • Understand how to consume OData and REST API models
  • Apply the MVC pattern using XML views and the SAP UI5 controls along with controller behavior in JavaScript
  • Debug and deploying the application to AWS